Your Success is our Success

Finding a financial expert that’s right for you goes beyond money. It’s about understanding, common values, and lasting partnership. Get to know where I’m coming from, and where we can go together.

Experience the freedom of a secure financial future with our strategic high-level consulting.
About Jamal
Our Values

The Values at the Core of our Success


A partnership with us is unique because we are mutually invested. Your success is our success. We always think from a long-term perspective to cultivate, foster and develop win-win relationships. Our top priority is you substantially benefit from the collaborative planning we do.

Value Creation

We believe that substantial and demonstrative value must be created for all of our clients and stakeholders. Any of our success is a direct byproduct of creating substantial value for our clients and stakeholders.

Trust and Integrity

Our business is all about people and the strength of the relationships with our clients and stakeholders. Those relationships are based on trust and integrity. We have an uncompromised commitment to always do what is right and in your best interest.


What’s been said about us

Solomon Nordine, President, Professional Business Accountants' Society of British Columbia

Jamal comes across as highly knowledgeable of different financial strategies. Our clients have benefited from his industry contacts and tax planning. I’d be happy to discuss my experience with others seeking to partner with their team.

Giovanni Bitelli, President, Customplan Financial Advisors

Jamal and his teams' devotion to client service and excellence is second to none. I would highly encourage both consumers that are looking for a collaborative approach to their financial situation and financial professionals that are looking to add value to their clients to sit down with Jamal and his team.

Eric Cho, Owner, Retail store, Abito Menswear LTD.

I've been in business for almost 20 years, I started to accumulate a lot of excess money in my corporation. I spoke to many professionals about what to do with this idle money that I felt should be working hard for me however found no answers. I then spoke to Jamal and his team and they came up with a unique and adaptable strategy for me to fund my future retirement lifestyle while minimizing taxes along the way. The service of Jamal's team was attentive, they explained everything in simple terminology. I would highly recommend Jamal and his team to any business owner as they are very knowledgeable in his field.

Kashif Khan, Managing Director, Ritchies auctioneers

Jamal and his team have a very high level understanding of deep corporate tax planning structures. They restructured our corporate assets which gave us large tax savings which we then used to reinvest and grow our businesses. I would highly recommend Jamal to any successful small, medium or large size company