Jamal’s Story

My success is your success

Growing up as the son of immigrant parents Jamal witnessed his parents big dreams and lofty ambitions in their new country. Growing up Jamal learned from his parents the values of hard work, focus and dedication. Armed with the tools he learned from his parents he began to achieve his goals and was on the path to becoming a university professor. Life threw Jamal an unexpected curve ball shortly after completing his masters degree. He was unemployed, unable to find steady work and had to move back home while delivering newspapers to support himself financially. A random and unexpected cup of coffee with a financial advisor quickly turned into an opportunity for Jamal to the enter financial services industry. Working 12 hour days to learn as much as possible, Jamal knew that the same long term thinking and grit he witnessed as a child from his parents would not go unnoticed in his own career. It paid off immensely as opportunity after opportunity presented itself where Jamal excelled.  
Having the opportunity at a young age to serve in key management roles for some of the largest financial services providers in the country gave Jamal a unique insiders perspective. He witnessed the shortcomings of the financial services industry, which was not doing enough to educate, empower and create value for people. Jamal also noticed that almost everyone he met, regardless of their profession and education levels were ill-equipped with the basic money management skills needed to achieve ones financial goals.

Driven with a strong belief in the importance of basic financial literacy combined with Jamal’s endless drive to make this more accessible for all, he wrote his first book and launched Jamal Khan Financial Group, a different and client first financial services firm.